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Summer Festivals

Sundays, June 11 – Sept. 24
Thursdays, July 6 – August 31

10:00am – 2:00pm each day

Grange Hall, West Tisbury

Rain or Shine. Free Parking. Local Food. Playground for kids.

A Vineyard Summer tradition and the only weekly juried art show where the public can meet over 70 artisans and buy directly from them.

Many demonstrations, weaving, fine furniture, pottery, stained glass, oil paintings, pastels, mixed media, sculpture, wampum jewelry, quilts, clothing, sea glass windows, handmade books and much more.

Find different artisans every Thursday and Sunday throughout the the summer months. Many artisans do all shows, and others are specific to June, or Thursdays and/or Sundays in August. Check for a detailed list of artisans at the summer festivals.

Expect to find many of these artisans...

  • Andrea Rogers
  • Sebastian Pattaniva
  • Jamie Rogers
  • Daniel Waters
  • Libby Ellis
  • Celeste Santee
  • William O'Callaghan
  • Frank Creney
  • Washington Ledesma
  • Lisa Strachan
  • Candy Shweder
  • Tom Barrett
  • Johanna Erickson
  • Marie Meyer-Barton
  • Brenda Evans
  • Sylvie Bags
  • Susan Handy
  • Whitney Moody
  • Richard & Carol Tripp
  • Jeri Dantzig
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Sarah Young
  • Lorri Hart
  • Stefanie Wolf Designs
  • Laura Artru
  • Cynthia McGrath
  • Mary Thompson
  • Cecilia Minnehan
  • Kenneth Pillsworth
  • Lucinda Sheldon
  • Diana Stewart
  • James Streicher Evans
  • John Holladay
  • Brian Kirkpatrick
  • Dan VanLandingham
  • Mark Zeender
  • Brandon Newton
  • Rachel Paxton
  • Beldan K. Radcliffe
  • Ashley Gilbert
  • Lisa Brown Langley
  • Debra & Warren Gaines
  • Nancy Noble Gardner
  • Benjamin McCormick
  • Janet Woodcock
  • Antone Dias
  • Ingrid Goff-Maidoff
  • Jannette Vanderhoop
  • John Duryea
  • Edward H. Russell
    and more...

Click the map to route your directions to the Artisans Festivals